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Parenting Boys

QUESTION: Parenting boys - How can I instill virtues in my son at an early age?


Parenting boys is joyful and serious work! It is both a wild ride on an all terrain vehicle through the mountains and a quiet Saturday snuggled up reading. Parenting boys is like holding a tiger by the tail and later that same day, like a new puppy cuddled up asleep on your lap. Our boys are the male leaders of tomorrow. How can we instill values in them at an early age so they grow up to be honest, responsible, hard-working, trustworthy men?

As the parents of boys, we must learn to be their benevolent ruler. We must expect to be respected and obeyed. We must not tolerate rebellious or disrespectful behavior. We are our son's first image of authority. As he treats us, he will go on to treat other authority figures as he gets out into the world.

Here are some tips for parenting boys that we can suggest:
  • Point out desirable behaviors to your son. When you read "Where the Red Fern Grows," point out that Billy made and saved his own money for two years to buy his own hunting dogs.

  • Be a good example to your son. If your son hears you lying on the phone to your boss, he will get the message that lying is okay if the situation calls for it. Be consistent and follow your own rules!

  • Praise good behavior. Always make it a point to "catch" your son doing something good. If he helps his little sister up when she falls off her bike, praise him for being compassionate and helpful.

  • Don't let bad behavior slide by. The longer a child is allowed to get away with something, the more difficult it will be to break the habit later. Nip bad behavior in the bud, before it becomes a habit!

  • Discuss current events. Depending on your son's age, talk with him about what is on the news or what is going on in his school. Point out good and bad behavior and the resulting consequences for those involved.

  • Remember, someone once said that values cannot be learned in a day, but must be learned day-by-day. Be loving, be available, be consistent. Your sons deserve it.
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